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Website: Magnogen website
YouTube channel: Magnogen
Instagram: Magnogen on Instagram
Github: Magnogen on Github

Hey! I'm Mag! I've always wanted a website and now that I have one, I'm so happy! It contains a lot of... unique things. If you want to check them out, feel free to do so!



Website: my Raspberry Pi server (non-public)
Google+ page: Edward J
Github: user-e

Hello, I’m someone called Edward. I am good at programming (have coded my own website) and Maths. Also, I know some things about version control systems/Github.
I'm going to do Computing at College, but I am not taking the GCSE.
Here to help out with the webpage making, using my skills.



Website: Home | Andrew Gunderman
Github: Agunderman10

Hello, my name is Andrew. I love code of any kind and I enjoy contributing to open source projects.

Feel free to contact me at the email listed on my Github page.