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YouTube - @Magnogen
Twitter - @Magnog3n
Reddit - u/MagnogenOnTheMoon
GitHub - /Magnogen


I've helped out in a few websites for other people - go check them out too!


A library of useful JavaScript functions, objects and variables that I use for a lot of my projects. Inspired by TodePond's Habitat.

From Colours, to Limiting numbers, to recursive-descent (Meals), to Vectors (WIP). This is pretty helpful.

GitHub Repo


A browser-based Cellular Automata written with JavaScript. Play with a bunch of elements, from Sand and Water to Fire and Lava!

Web Page
GitHub Repo


A browser-based colourful Flood-Fill Algorithm for creative coders. Written in JavaScript.

Web Page
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Generate gradients and patterns using Neural Networks. Written in JavaScript.

Web Page
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A Lisp-like Programming Language that makes use of bubbles. Currently only in the planning stage.

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